The Purpose of the Central Texas Area Museum is to tell the history and development of Central Texas, to provide a safe and accessible place to preserve and exhibit these items which tell its history.

The Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The officers and directors of the Museum provide an exhibit room and auditorium in which exhibits may be displayed and where historical paintings and writings may be shown.

Our annual program includes Genealogical Workshops, a fine arts exhibit, Readers and Writers Roundtable, and in addition to that provides a Gathering for the Scottish Clans of Texas. This latter event is a three day affair at which time all of the Scottish Clan Societies of the US are invited for a Scottish celebration.

Central Texas Area Museum

In addition to the above programs, services rendered by the Museum are:

A permanent library for research and pioneer history as well as genealogical and Scottish history and tradition

  • Student research, tours and historical contests
  • Genealogical Workshop
  • A meeting place for Texas historical and similar groups
  • Statewide cooperation with historical, genealogical and museum conventions
  • An unparalleled collection of historical artifacts that illuminate the story of early Central Texas and the people who settled in the area

Among other achievements, the Central Texas Area Museum won first place at the San Antonio conservation awards contest in 1961, and it founded the annual gathering of the Scottish Clans of Texas in 1962.

This gathering draws more than one thousand people from all over Texas,
and from all surrounding states as well.

For more information please call the Central Texas Area Museum at  (254) 947-5232

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