Scottish Gathering and Highland Games Set for Salado Civic Center – We’ll see you Nov 10-12, 2017!

The 56th Scottish Gathering and Highland Games (www.saladoscottishfestival.com) will be held on the grounds of the Salado Civic Center, November 10-12. Heralding all things Scottish, this landmark event is the oldest Scottish festival in Texas and has been sponsored continuously by the Central Texas Area Museum, now Salado Museum and College Park, since 1961.

The three-day event includes the skirl of the bagpipes, the wearing of the tartan, tossing the caber, Highland dancing, Celtic entertainers, shopping, food and fun. One of the event’s main features is the Clan Village, the largest gathering of Scottish Clan tents in Texas where Clan members share information about Scottish history and genealogy.

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Salado Historical Organizations Announce Merger

(Salado, Texas, 20 September 2016) – The Boards of Directors of the Central Texas Area Museum (CTAM) and the Robertson Colony-Salado College Foundation, Inc. announce the merger of these major historical organizations. The two groups have joined together to form the new Salado Museum and College Park, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The mission of the newly formed organization is to promote and preserve the pioneer history of Salado through educational programs and the exhibition of artifacts, books and papers that document the settlement and heritage of this area.

“An ongoing renewal program to renovate and revamp the historic 100-year-old stone museum building and its exhibits is currently underway,” says Sterling Ambrose, the museum founder’s grandson and CTAM board member. “This exciting renewal program is being funded through private donations by members of both existing organizations who believe in the future of the new Museum and Park and the value of its success to Salado residents and visitors.”

The newly-formed Salado Museum and College Park organization becomes operational in January 2017. Members of the two existing groups are working together on museum and park projects during the transition period. The new organization will focus on the preservation and promotion of Salado history, the care and development of College Hill Park, and the maintenance and growth of the museum and its programs.

“We are very excited to bring these two organizations together to create a beautiful and vibrant complex that showcases the rich history of Salado,” says Robertson Colony-Salado College Foundation president Bill Kinnison. “We hope the people of Salado will join us in our mission by supporting the new Museum and Park through our annual fundraising campaign, donor programs, or with any financial or gifts-in-kind they can share.”

The Central Texas Area Museum was established in 1959 to preserve the pioneer history of Central Texas and its colorful cultural diversity. The Robertson Colony-Salado College Foundation was established in 1973 to beautify, maintain and protect the site of Salado College built in 1860. The Museum is located on South Main Street across from the historic Stagecoach Inn. College Park is just south of the museum.

Preserving and Promoting the History of Salado

The Salado Museum and College Park was established to preserve and promote the pioneer history of Salado and the diverse nationalities that settled this area. Chief among these are the Scots. One of the earliest group of settlers in the Salado area was the Robertson Colony established here in 1825, a group of 600 families most of whom were Scots. Because of this colonization, 16 counties in Central Texas are named for men with Scottish surnames.

Since 1959, the Salado Museum has honored those early Scottish pioneers. Today the museum houses a collection of artifacts, books and papers that document the settlement and heritage of this area and hosts educational programs and exhibits throughout the year in a beautiful 100-year-old stone building across from the historic Stagecoach Inn in downtown Salado.

College Park, just south of the museum, is the location of the ruins and grounds of historic Salado College. Plaques throughout the park tell the story of Salado College built in 1860 by visionary pioneers who established an educational facility for students grade one through two years of college based on the then unheard of belief that both men and women deserve equal access to higher education in a nondenominational setting.

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