The Central Texas Area Museum is Both a Texas History Museum and Home to Texas’ Oldest Scottish Highland Games!


       The Scots or Scottish-Americans were the largest primary group of settlers in this part of Central Texas. They were indomitable, hard and sometimes ruthless, but always independent, courageous, and had a passionate love of knowledge and freedom. Major Sterling C. Robertson, 2nd generation removed from his Scottish emigrant ancestor, surveyed in Central Texas in 1825 for the “Nashville Colony” and later took over as empresario of “Robertson’s Colony.” Part of his payment for this job was six leagues of land running from the “Salado River” to the Lampasas River.  Most of the 600 plus families that he introduced into Central Texas were of Scottish origin. His friend and business partner was Alexander Thomson, another Scot. In fact, many Texas counties bear the name of Scots.

  In the early 1960s, the wife of a descendant of Empressario Robertson, Mr. Sterling (Lucille) Robertson, was the secretary and program chair of the Central Texas Area Museum.  She had been active in promoting many educational and cultural programs.  At this time, she suggested a festival focusing on the Scots, based on their early arrival in the area.  Trustees of the Museum  held the First Scottish Gathering of the Clans on Nov. 12, 1961. Forty clans answered the call and convened in historic Salado.  The Tartan banners of each family waved from poles eight feet tall. Well over 1,000 people registered, not to mention many others who visited throughout the dayCalling of the Clans 2012-3.

In addition to the annual programs, The Museum supplied goods imported from Scotland for the Scots shop. The venture was a great success. So the WEE SCOTS SHOP became a reality, the first in Texas. Books, ties, ladies evening sashes, skirts & kilts tailored in Scotland are obtainable.

This year’s gathering marks the 54th anniversary of the annual gathering here in Salado. We hope you enjoy visiting our museum all year long and viewing many artifacts from Texas History.  We also hope you’ll enjoy joining us for our fun-filled three day celebration of all things Scottish. Join us in honoring the history and traditions of Scotland – the bagpipes and drums…Highland dancers…men in kilts…colorful tartans…Celtic music and song…shopping, food and fellowship!


Céad Míle Fáilte…a Hundred Thousand Welcomes!


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